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Here at Titans Legal, our Dallas Texas 18-wheeler accident attorneys understand how devastating an 18-wheeler accident can be. 18-wheeler trucks are much larger than standard cars and trucks on the road. This results in 18-wheeler accidents causing life changing damages, and can unfortunately even result in the fatal death of a loved one.

An 18-wheeler crash cannot be treated the same as a typical car wreck. Semi trucks (including 18-wheelers) are required to follow state and federal regulations. Examples of these regulations include only driving a certain number of hours at a time and even having a special type of license to drive the 18-wheeler in the first place. Our experienced 18-wheeler attorneys at Titans Legal know what to look for in your case.

The minute an 18-wheeler accident occurs, the trucking company and its insurance provider begin to put the wheels in motion to defend against taking responsibility for the devastation they have caused. The insurance company does not want to pay you and your family the money you are owed. Therefore, it is crucial that you or your loved one seek immediate legal representation and our experienced attorneys at Titans Legal are always here to help.

Speak to A Lawyer First

It’s vital that you speak to a lawyer before contacting the insurance companies about your case. The insurance company’s goal is to settle your claim as fast as possible for as little money as they can. The lawyers at Titans Legal can help you recover the financial compensation that you’re owed.

You may be entitled to financial compensation for:

  • Economic Damages which are tangible losses that are able to be calculated.
    • Medical bills (including past, current, and future expenses)
    • Lost wages (documentation of lost wages will help you recover for the income you lost during your recovery or will lose as a result of being unable to work at the same job after the accident)
  • Non-Economic Damages / General Damages which are damages that cannot be calculated.
    • Pain and suffering
    • Reduction in quality of life /  loss of enjoyment of life
    • Loss of sexual relations (also known as loss of consortium)

Gather As Much Information And Documentation As Possible

If you’ve been hit by an 18-wheeler, make sure you call the police to come out and complete a police report. Take photos and videos of the scene and all vehicles involved. Make sure to capture different angles to how the road, any road signs, weather conditions, debris on the road, etc.  Take photos and/or write down the insurance information of the 18-wheeler driver and get a photo of their driver’s license. Gather names and contact information for any witnesses to the crash. Go to the emergency room; You may be injured and not even realize it in the moment! Take photos of any visible injuries including bruises, cuts, scrapes, broken bones, swelling, etc.

Our Dallas Texas 18-Wheeler Lawyers Can Help You

The attorneys at Titans Legal have many years of experience and success in fighting and winning Dallas Texas 18-wheeler accident cases.  We will fight for you to receive the maximum compensation for your loss, pain, and suffering. We care about you and are standing by to help you. No legal fees are ever charged unless we win compensation for your case!

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